Hey, IBM BPM Developer!

Can you develop that fast?

How fast?

Using FastBPM Toolkit you could develop:

Human Activity faster by...50%

Coach Design faster by...70%

Coach Logic and Validation faster by...50%

How it works?

There is a special component that does all the magic.

Everything else is about placing coach views into coaches and configure them so that you don't mind about:

  • creating and managing variables

  • how to extend OOTB components for complex validation

  • coach views communication

  • Who can use it?

    People who work with IBM BPM Designer, like:

  • Business Analysts having a bit of technical understanding

  • IBM BPM Developers

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    watch the demos below:


    We already know how laborious is process discovery therefore there is no need to mention the second part - developing the process without the integration parts (which is another discution).

    Having this in mind, I wondered one day: "What if BPM developers would create their own Playback 0 (all human interfaces included) without too much technicalities, yet obtaining a process that would run like being created by an entire IT team?”

    I invite you to watch the demo!

    Demo (chapter 2)

    ...from Advanced HR Open New Position

    Note: you can watch all chapters of full demo here

    ... and more to come!

    Download your copy of FastBPM Toolkit now!

    What is it?

    It is an IBM BPM Toolkit

    Based on an Idea that came up after 7 years of developing IBM BPM processes

    A new way of doing things...

  • Without too many coach variables

  • Model View Whatever

  • Includes AngularJS and Bootstrap


    1. Design the process

    2. Submit job requisition

    3. Lay out the first coach

    4. Completing Submit Job Requisition diagram

    5. Completing Replace existing job position

    6. Completing Confirm job position coach

    7. Completing Approve Reject requisition

    8. Completing Select Candidate for Interview

    9. Completing the BPD

    10. Demo


    Fast demo

    Even business people (business analysts, process owners etc.) can create with just coach views configuration an entire process diagram with all its human interfaces functionalities, leaving IT team in charge with the technicalities (integration, support etc.)

    Fast Feedback

    Simplifying the discovery process brings a quicker feedback from the business!

    Shortened number of Playbacks

    Using this toolkit you shorten the number of Playbacks when developing the process

    Fluid web

    Using different coach views configuration values, you develop fast Fluid Web Human Interfaces ready for all kinds of desktop and mobile screens

    Works on both client-side and heritage coaches

    You decide what kind of coaches you want to develop!


    You can contact us for:

  • getting a copy of the toolkit

  • any question you have regarding the toolkit

  • request / suggest new features in the toolkit

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